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Running Sneaker

Show me your running shoes and I'll tell you who you are.

For a lot of people shoes are more than just footwear per se, like more of a statement or a whole lifestyle. They come in so many designs, shapes and colors, brash or more withdrawn in their look, made of durable materials for the adventurous ones of you or made of light and innovative running sneakers materials for athletes. It's you alone who picks your shoes whether you want to build a whole empire that you are perfectly prepared with for every imaginable occasion or you rather go through life supplied with three carefully selected pairs of shoes and that's all you need.


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945 Products found | Items per page: 18 36 54 All

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Decades before our time shoes had a quite specific role in society. Where bankers were not complete human beings without their shiny dress shoes, Chelsea boots belonged to The Beatles like horses for courses. Athletes were already equipped with sports clothes - above all runners - by major sport companies such as Nike, New Balance, Converse or Adidas in the 80's. Nowadays stars enter the red carpet in worn out boots, football players privately wear expensive suits and matching designer dress shoes and there is a sneaker culture in the urban areas of the world no one ever dared dreaming of back then. And that's our cue.

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Find at stickabush.com sneakers of various styles and looks can be found online and in our STAB sneaker stores where we offer a wide range of the finest running sneakers like Nike, Adidas Originals and New Balance or Jordan Brand and Converse.