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Basketball Sneaker

Each silhouette of a sneaker has its own history - just as basketball shoes.

When it comes to basketball there are a lot of skills you've got to have when you have to run, jump, dribble and shoot hoops. All at the same time! That's what explains the high-top silhouettes of basketball shoes. The high cut should protect the ankles that can easily bend when you're giving everything on the basketball court. As in every sport there are also basketball players that are the face of their profession. That's why they've got own sponsors, too.


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188 Products found | Items per page: 18 36 54 All

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For example the basketball icon Michael Jordan who became a major business partner of Nike and even got his own line due to this, the Jordan Brand. He wore the Air Jordan I at one of his most legendary games in 1984 when North Carolina scored what made him a great flagship for Nike. A few years before Nike developed the Air Jordan that still is plainly one of the most popular basketball shoes worldwide. It was known as revolutionary and further got famous through players Charles Barkley and Moses Malone who loved to wear it. To this day there are still improvements going on to make basketball shoes even safer and more functional.

They are characterized by high quality, particularly stable materials and great cushioning so nothing can get in the way of a smooth flow of play. At stickabush you can finde a great selection of the most fashionable basketball shoes online and in the stores in Berlin. They won't just be the perfect equippment for your next important basketball game, but also do the trick when you wear them in your free time.