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Wearing Sneakers are so underestimated yet they are the most popular shoe type in the world. Wearing sneakers makes life easy. The can be worn in many occasions: whether you’re doing some dunks on the court, running around town or just in everyday life – can you imagine a life without sneakers?


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1204 Products found | Items per page: 18 36 54 All

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We can’t imagine a life without sneakers! Sneakers have became an important feature of our styling, for both men and women of every age, regardless of whether you’re a sneaker rookie or a die-hard fan: Sneakers belong in your closet and on our feet! Wearing Urban streetwear without combining it with sneakers wouldn’t be the same. The fashionable trainer is not only comfortable, functional and stylish but also well thought by manufacturers who use the newest technologies and high-tech fabrics, as seen at Nike Air and Lunar. Sneakers complete an outfit, they can be real head-turners. It has even turned men into shopaholics

Stickabush is known to all sneaker lovers. We offer a wide collection of men's sneakers, women's sneaker's and children's sneakers. From our online shop you can easily find running shoes, trainers, basketball shoes and everyday foot

Hipster sneakers are absolutely en vogue in the urban scene while the sports shoes from famous sports shoe brands are developed by specialists and tested by top athletes. Every footwear line bears unmistakably the signature of it's brand and has it's own integrated techniques.

Adidas is the second largest sporting goods manufacturer in the world. Everyone should really own a pair of Adidas Originals sneakers or Adidas Limited Edition sneakers. Popular Adidas sneaker collections also include Originals x Rita Ora, Originals x Nigo and Originals x Man United.

Adidas running shoes and Adidas trainers are made of high quality materials. Men's running shoes and women's running shoes as well as men's trainers and women's trainers combine a perfect fit with a good grip and stability. If you are looking for basketball shoes, football shoes, golf shoes and men's sports shoes, women's sports shoes or children's sports shoes you will definitely find what you are looking for in our online shop.

Nike, which is named after a Greek goddess of victory, produces Nike sneakers, running shoes and Nike trainers. Their sports shoes are lighter and have more profiled soles than all other sports shoes brands.

New Balance sneakers brand have always been popular for its comfort, quality, durability and fashion forward patterns. The New Balance 574 is the most popular running Sneakers that New Balance has ever released.

Converse sneakers are fabulous Hipster sneakers and popular in all social classes they come trainers and running shoes. The US-American brand was founded in 1908 by Marquis M. Converse in Malden, Massachussets, under the name Converse Rubber Shoe Company. In its first years the brand concentrated on producing shoes for winter. Later the famous shoes made of canvas were added to the product range. You will be comfortably charmed by their casual and retro sneakers.

At stickabush, you’ll find the latest men’s or women’s collections, special editions and the legendary classics from sportswear brands like Nike, Jordan Brand, New Balance, Adidas Originals and Converse. If you love wearing sneakers, or a sneaker lover who wants to expand their collection, you can find the latest model and limited designs at STICKABUSH. You are in the right place.