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Converse are those kind of sneakers we always wanted as children and still love to wear today.

Not a lot of sport shoes are that often seen both in the sports scene as well as in pop culture, such as the sought-after Converse which preserve their zeitgeist in a beautiful retro style with its exceptional variety of colorways and their iconic look until today. The Converse Rubber Sole Company was founded in 1909 in Malden, Massachusetts by the man of the hour, Marquis Mill Converse, and since 1915 mainly zeros in at the sports market as its target group. And there was still something else going on... Basketball! An employee of the company, we are talking about the famous Chuck Taylor, decisively cooperated due to the development of the first real Converse basketball shoe and became iconic and also the flagship for the brand.


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With the Chuck Taylor All Star, something incomparable was created. A sneaker, basketball players worshipped and that hardly can be exceeded until today. The All Star High-Top made out of canvas is classic and individually and aappears in new colors each year and thrills us with a silhouette that is both modern and timeless. Converse flourished. Movie stars and athletes wear them, young people love them. With the High-Top, the label hit the mark this got also detected by the sports market. 1923, Converse even designed a line for a certain basketball team, the New York Renaissance. 1935, a badminton celebrity, Jack Purcell, was allowed to design a model that was intended solely for the badminton court. 1957, the counterpart to the High-Top, the Low-Top was designed and new colorways and patterns came into the play for the first time. The concept just worked out. They go with everything and everyone and that's what makes them so desirable.

Today Converse experiments with a variety of different uppers. They design models made out of leather and work meticulously on new looks and collaborate with stars and consumers. This total package of zeitgeist, retro feelings and sportiness are what make the brand so unique and irreplaceable for us, so that we no longer want to live without at least one pair of Converse in our shoe cabinet.