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Three stripes, one brand. The Adidas Originals line distinguishes itself by distinctive sneakers for now more than 60 yearss. Inspired by the latest trends of street culture Adidas Originals picks up concepts of older models and processes them into unique sneakers in a iconic vintage style.


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264 Products found | Items per page: 18 36 54 All

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There is one much sighed-after star, probably everyone would associate the Originals collection with: the Superstar that has enjoyed an unprecedented revival in the recent years and can no longer been assumed away from the screen. In the 20s the first Adidas, which at this time wasn't called like that, was made out of linen. Adi Dassler's idea was to specifically develop training shoes for athletes, so everything had to be just right when it came to the processing: optimal fit, optimal protection, optimal durability. Guidelines that still are reflected in the Adidas brand to this day. Dassler's work's breakthrough was not a long time in the coming.

About five years later there were already models with spikes and studs for football players and Adidas was on everyone's lips at the Olympic Games. 1931 Adidas also caught the attention of tennis players and the matter got going more and more. Over the years Adidas' design and technology became more sophisticated and they still enthuse us with creative lines and a huge selection of the best sneaker models on the sports market till this day. And not only we do love Adidas. Do you still remember this song called "My Adidas" by Run DMC? It's an anthem...