NC Guide

There are big things cooking at STAB Berlin. After kicking off our very own blog series, titled 'The Corner', we are doubling down and bring you 'No Competition', a guide through Berlin Mitte, made by Stickabush and friends. This guide will lead you through a Berlin-Mitte far away from the infamous glitterati through cafés and stores that share friendship and a dedication to quality.

‘No Competition’ is about family, it is about inclusiveness and it is about a Berlin-Mitte for everyone.

Stay tuned for features on all partaking stores and cafes, read more about the guide below, spread the love and take a walk with us!


Here, we are all family. The neighborhood, a buzzing area full of opportunities, serves as the canvas for our projects, our cafes, our restaurants, our stores and ourselves.

No Competition serves as a guide for you and as a motto for us, reminding us every day what made this area what it is today: Interchanging ideas, inspiring each other, grooming joint ventures and working together – towards a stronger community.

As a group of friends that happen to achieve their dreams in the neighborhood, we share the responsibilities just as much as the fun they bring.

Welcome to Berlin-Mitte!