FUNDAMENTAL was started by architects Steve Molloy and Gunnar Rönsch in 2011. Inspired by the mathematics of the natural world, the long time colleagues founded FUNDAMENTAL with the idea of creating products that explore natures simple, yet effective, patterns in an abstract form. This idea makes its way into homes around the world through furniture, accessories and artwork, embodying their love of play and natural shapes.

fundamental ashtrays

As a vertically integrated studio, FUNDAMENTAL designs, crafts and sells products of all scales between tiny paper clips and grand formal dining tables. Constant dialogue with the users of their goods enables them to keep evolving in all three phases, leading to a beautiful end product that you can buy directly from their studio in Berlin-Mitte as well as through a range of carefully selected retail partners globally.



Make a bowl out of a disk. PUSH is delivered as a flat metal plate that you can give a unique shape with your fingers.

By gently applying pressure, you can create a little vessel to store valuables like chains and rings, or bits and pieces like keys and make-up. PUSH is a com- bination of mathematical geometries and the best craftsmanship, available in three different metals.

It is available in a large 24 cm diameter PUSH, a medium size 15 cm diameterPUSH SOLO, a bubble shape PUSH TRIO and a set of three small roundbowls, one in each color PUSH MINI.