Carhartt WIP x Motown - Detroit Heritage

Carhartt WIP x Motown - Detroit Heritage

Anytime there’s a bond between two parties, special things happen. Under this motto, the two heavyweights Carhartt WIP and Motown Records teamed up to celebrate 60 years of Motown. Legendary artists like Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, The Isley Brothers, Boyz II Men or Bruno Mars had great successes under the roof of Motown and the label is said to be the driving force in Black Music since the 60s. Until today, the Detroit label celebrates platinum records, sold out concerts and groundbreaking albums.

60 Years Motown with Carhartt WIP

Like Motown, Carhartt has their roots in Detroit, Michigan, and even if the label Carhartt WIP is now being distributed from Weil am Rhein in Germany, the heritage stays the same. Workwear for the streets, inspired by the automobile workers in Detroit. In due fashion, both labels honor that heritage with a capsule collection, that is really something special. Hoodies, varsity jackets, t-shirts, you name it. Everything under the banner of 60 years Motown.

Carhartt WIP x Motown at STAB Berlin

When the collab was announced, we were ready to go right away. Two labels that were with us since our early childhood on one project? Yes please. Since November 14th, the collection is available and is flying off the shelves. Take a look, but don’t get complacent. A collab this special really is everyone’s cup of tea in the best way possible.