With Röststätte, Yvonne and Ivo Weller opened one of the first specialty roasting houses in all of Germany. Built out of a café on Ackerstraße in which traditional coffee culture was celebrat- ed once again, Röststätte now are one of the leading third wave coffee roasters out there.

Less than 5% of the yearly coffee crop around the world are specialty coffees and Röststätte made it their mission to serve the best of it, roasted by hand, fresh and indulgently.

Head Barista Nicole Battefeld was named the best German Barista in 2018, winning theaward with one of Röststätte’s espressos, whilea modern barista academy, under the motto “Spreading Coffee Culture” will stir everycoffee lover’s heart.

After upping the ante for quality coffee in Mitte with their original shop and roastery at Ackerstraße, Röststätte has expanded, opening their second cafe at Hackesche Höfe. Located inside the historic Hof 1, they are serving coffee specialities of the highest quality, always having an eye for details.

Choose from a variety of hand brewed filter coffees, like their legendary Berliner Cold Brew or one of their espresso specialities. At Röststätte, you can experience coffee in an all new ways: Espresso Martini, Negroni or aCoffee Daiquiri? In their new location they’re introducinga curated selection of coffee drinks, based on the coffee liquor Cold Brew X, their own creation.

Fans of the aperitivo culture will find a lively, relaxing atmosphere, perfect to start any evening with a quality aperitive. At Röststätte, you will always find a new way to discover coffee.